Polyethylene Gloves

Ambidextrous with and embossed surface for better grip, our polyeth glove range are an economical alternative for short term food handling uses. HACCP Certified. Available in Small, Medium and Large

Moorepak is also focused on supplying environmentally friendly innovative packaging solutions such as:

food pails  ●  bio boxes  ●  enviro food trays  ●  enviro food clams  ●  wooden cutlery  ●  food cones  ●  carry packs  ●  meal clams  ●  linnen look napkins  ●  ripple wrap paper coffee cups

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Moorepak distributors can also offer branded products which will enhance your exposure to your valued clients.

Popular printed items include: napkins food cones snack boxes food pails coffee cups block bottom paper carry bags (with or without handles)

Branded Products

Moorepak Distributors  is committed to ensuring that where possible environmental products will be offered to the market.

Moorepak Distributors P/L has a range of products which are biodegradable, recyclable or reusable. To find out more about these products, please call us.

Biodegradable, Recyclable or Reusable

Brands We Supply